Character Creation

For those who are considering characters for when I start running this campaign, here are the guidelines:

Characters will start in Vale.

Characters will start at 3rd level.

Determine ability scores through the standard dice-roll rule (4d6, take away lowest die).

Each character will have 3,000 gp available for gear. In regards to any magic items, Vale does not have any magic items over 2,000 gp. Backstory may change the availability of magic items. Ask me about any questions in regards to this.

Every class is available, with the exception of the Gunslinger.

Most races found in the Advanced Race guide can be found on the Island of New Beginnings. Notable exceptions are the 4 elemental humanoids (oreads, ifrits, sylphs, and undine), Fetchlings, Tieflings, Wayangs, and Dhampirs. Some races exist in small numbers and are rarely seen, such as Duergars and Svirfneblins. If you wish to play as a Drow or Samsaran, talk to me about it. There are some changes to these races.

I will not rule out the Mythic Adventures guide being used, but not right away.

Hero point rules will be in use.

This campaign will not start until another campaign ends, at the earliest, so there will be plenty of time. Ask me if you have any more questions.

Character Creation

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