Heimdohl, the City of Merchants

Heimdohl, situated on the south-eastern coast of the Great Inland Sea in Hitara, is the center of commerce in the region. The craftsmen in Heimdohl are renowned among the three cities as the best goldsmiths, leather-makers, and various other crafts outside of arms and armor. Heimdohl is second eldest of the three cities, having originally been founded as a rest stop for caravans traveling between the small settlements scattered throughout the region. Heimdohl would remain this way until the arrival of a Tiefling from the outskirts of Vale.

Hijaskol, head of the Tideson Clan, as it would come to be known as, arrived in Heimdohl over 300 years ago, on a ship of his own making. Ships of that time were unsuited for the rough waters of the Great Inland Sea, making trading by boat unprofitable. Hijaskol’s ship, however, made the journey unscathed. The design of his ship would revolutionize trade in Hitara. The Tideson Clan would grow to be one of the most powerful Clans in Heimdohl. The current patriarch of the Tideson Clan, Akmenos ibn Nerujim, is one of the five legendary adventurers who brought down Koryuu and his servants.

Heimdohl today looks very different from its origins as a rest stop. Heimdohl was built on a large hill, with the city built from the base up in a series of rings. As one enters Heimdohl, they arrive in the outer markets, where wares and food targeted at the lower class are sold. The outer ring of the city is the home of those who do not possess the wealth or power to live in one of the higher rings. As one travels farther into the city, the rings get higher on the hill, while the residents get wealthier. Most of the craftsmen of the city are based in the second ring. The third ring, about a quarter of the way up the hill, contains the Grand Market, the greatest market in all of Hitara. Almost anything can be obtained here, from common household wares to adventuring gear, even magical items.

The fourth ring, halfway up the hill, belongs to the wealthiest of the merchants who do not hold a seat on the Senate. At this point, entry for most people is prohibited without special permits or writs of business. The fifth and final ring, three quarters of the way up the hill, sit the grandest residences of all. These belong to the families that sit on the Senate. Each house is given to a family upon obtaining a Senate seat, and is taken away should that seat be lost. At the top of the hill sits the Grand Senate Chambers, an ornate marble structure with a golden roof. It is here that the most wealthy of Heimdohl’s residents rule over the city. The Senate, throughout their history, has been very generous to the wealthy, at the expense of the poor. Following Seiryuu’s decimation of the city, however, the remaining members of the Senate have done their best to rebuild the city not just for the wealthy, but for every citizen. Following Koryuu’s Fall, the rebuilding efforts were spearheaded by Akmenos ibn Nerujim, who gained a seat on the Senate separate from his family. Through his efforts, the rebuilding of Heimdohl is nearly complete. However, Akmenos is no longer in the city, having left for lands unknown with his bodyguard Rocky, another of the Adventurers, following a visit from a mysterious traveler.

Heimdohl, the City of Merchants

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