The Servants of Koryuu

During Koryuu’s crisis, many demons, devils, elementals, and various other creatures served his call. Among these forces, however, four great beasts reigned. Created from the raw power of the elements and shaped by Koryuu’s will, these beasts were the greatest of Koryuu’s forces. Koryuu was unable to overcome one obstacle: the souls of his servants. While his servants were created by him, the souls of his creations did not belong to him, thus they were bound by a powerful contract. With this contract in place, Koryuu unleashed his servants upon Hitara.

Byakko, the first of Koryuu’s servants to appear in Hitara, forged of Earth and Metal, molded in the shape of a giant White Tiger. His appearance in the Western Steppes of Hitara created a mountain range. Loud and prideful, Byakko’s roar could be heard miles away.

Genbu, the second of Koryuu’s servants to appear, forged of Water, molded in the shape of a gargantuan Black Tortoise. His appearance in the Great Inland Sea created a storm of previously unseen proportions. His power was strong enough to created a chain of islands within the Sea. Tough and unflinching, Genbu’s storms were felt throughout the entire region.

Seiryuu, the third of Koryuu’s servants to appear, forged of Air and Wind, molded in Koryuu’s own image, that of a Blue Dragon. His appearance near Heimdohl created massive tornadoes, an unknown phenomenon in Hitara. The force of his Wind was enough to nearly level all of Heimdohl. Fluid and ever-flowing, Seiryuu’s winds left an impression on Hitara that lasts to this day.

Suzaku, the fourth and strongest of Koryuu’s servants, forged of Fire, molded in the form of a Red Phoenix. His appearance near Mjolnir created a volcano, a familiar site in Hitara. The heat of his Flames was enough to level all of Mjolnir, leaving a handful of survivors. Majestic and undying, Suzaku’s flames still burn today, standing high over the wreckage of Mjolnir.

Koryuu’s four servants, masters of their elements, brought terror and death upon their arrivals. However, one group would rise to oppose these servants, leading to a chain of events that would become Koryuu’s undoing. For upon killing the bodies of each servant, the adventurers would free the souls of the beasts. Each soul, with their personalities intact, carried a grudge against Koryuu for binding them. The servants, upon the death of their elemental body, would present themselves to the adventurers as weapons or focuses. It is these forms that, once near Koryuu, would allow them their revenge upon their creator.

As the battle raged on, the four servants would emerge, taking on a spectral form with many of their powers. Working alongside the adventurers, the four servants gained their revenge. However, Koryuu’s most terrifying power lay in wait. As the battle drew to an end, with Koryuu crippled on the ground, he gathered the power of the elements to him. Feeling the coalescing of their elemental origins in Koryuu, the four servants urged the adventurers to flee and save as many people as possible. The four servants pooled their powers together, hoping to save the adventurers who gave them their revenge. As Koryuu exploded, the servants used the last of their power to erect a wall, thus saving most of Vale and its citizens.

Though they brought destruction and death to the land of Hitara, the four servants of Koryuu, Byakko, Genbu, Seiryuu, and Suzaku, would eventually become the saviors of many of the remaining citizens of Hitara. While the natural remnants of their appearances remain to the pain of Hitara, the people celebrate their sacrifice in the face of a power that could have killed them all.

The Servants of Koryuu

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