The Tragedy of 41 Years Ago

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In the year -2 KD, the rogue god Koryuu appeared in front of a small group of adventurers. These adventurers thought they had found the instigator of the Orc attack on Vale. However, Koryuu proved to be far beyond anything they had ever encountered. As the story goes, with one swipe of his hands, all the stars and gods disappeared from the sky. Those who shared a strong connection with their deities felt it slip from within them. With a flash of his true form, that of a massive serpentine dragon, Koryuu vanished, leaving only a handful of new stars and four colored lights in the sky.

A few months following his appearance, Koryuu’s first servant appeared. In a land known for massive upheavals of the land, the appearance of a new mountain range in the west was profound. Byakko’s roar could be heard for miles around, as the land was sculpted by his presence. The same small group of adventurers, who hail from many places, gathered to take on this new threat. Byakko, or the White Tiger of the West, as it is also known, put up a fight, but fell to these adventurers. It left in its wake a sword, with the remnants of its will residing within.

Three more months would pass before the next of Koryuu’s servants would appear, Genbu, the Black Tortoise. Genbu’s arrival brought about a massive storm in the middle of the Great Sea. Its appearance sunk nearly every ship that encountered it, as small islands appeared in great number along the shipping lanes. Again, the adventurers would respond. While Genbu’s shell was nigh impenetrable, it still fell to the might of the adventurers. Left in its wake was a dagger carrying the remnants of Genbu’s will.

A little over a month later, the third of Koryuu’s servants would appear. Seiryuu the Azure Dragon. Molded in the image of his creator, Seiryuu brought down the power of the winds on the city of Heimdohl. Several massive tornadoes wrought destruction on the gentle traders and craftsmen of Heimdohl. By a twist of fate, the adventurers, who until now were based in Vale, were in Heimdohl, settling business matters and preparing for the wedding of one of their own. By creating a dome of ice, the adventurers saved the manor of one of the wealthiest families in the city. As Seiryuu’s wind bit into them, the mage of stars felled the beast. In its wake was left a wand, containing Seiryuu’s power and will.

The world was given no rest, as shortly after Seiryuu fell, a volcano erupted outside the city of Mjolnir. This new volcano heralded the arrival of Koryuu’s final servant, Suzaku, the Vermillion Phoenix. The eruption decimated Mjolnir, killing nearly every citizen. To this day, only a handful of survivors have ever been found. The adventurers, having only just finished off Seiryuu, set off to confront Suzaku. The adventurers traveled into the volcano, where they confronted their toughest test to date. Suzaku and his servants nearly defeated the adventurers. Through the determination of their cleric, the group would fell the mighty phoenix. In its wake was left a crimson feather and a staff. Both held the power of Suzaku, with its will trapped in the staff. Shortly after the fight, a column of light, yellow in color, erupted from Vale. Now that his servants lay dead, Koryuu made his presence known.

In Vale of old, there was a castle, partially dug into the mountainside. The normal citizens of Vale were never allowed entry, while only the heads of the wealthiest families were ever invited inside. There is a legend that a shadowy King lived within the walls of the castle, but no person has ever seen this man. On the night that Koryuu’s light began, it emanated from the deepest chambers of the castle.

The adventurers, aided by the fiancee of the merchant, hurried back to Vale, only to find chaos in the streets. The remnants of Koryuu’s forces prowled the streets, clashing with the battered forces of the city guard. The adventurers fought their way to the castle gates. As they fought their way into the inner chambers of the castle, the fighting got tougher. The adventurers faced off against demons and devils, elemental monstrosities and more, before they reached the inner chamber. Inside, sitting on an elaborate throne of gold and mithril, sat the man that they encountered two years ago outside the Twilight Forest. Koryuu revealed to the adventurers that he had always been in Vale, ruling from the shadows until his powers fully returned to him. Koryuu’s desire: to take over the material world from the gods piece by piece, starting with the area around the three cities. Having grown tired of the obstructions to his plan by the adventurers, Koryuu deemed the time was right to eliminate them. As he assumed the form of the golden, serpent dragon, the wills of the four servants emerged from the weapons, coalescing into spectral forms of themselves. The ensuing fight with Koryuu, who wielded the powers of his former servants and more, made the very mountains the castle was built into shake. With the help of Byakko, Genbu, Seiryuu, and Suzaku, the adventurers managed to cripple Koryuu. Sensing that he could not overcome them, Koryuu started drawing in energy at an enormous rate. The adventurers, warned by the four servants as to what was happening, started running, for if they could not get far enough away, they would not survive. As they ran down the main street, they came across the merchant’s fiancee, who was shepherding citizens away from the castle.

As they all ran into the market square, Koryuu’s final explosion went off. No force greater has ever been felt on this world. It eclipsed the scale of Suzaku’s volcano, and would most surely erase all of Vale. However, using the last of their power, the four servants managed to erect a wall of elemental energy to protect the people. The explosion was halted just outside the market square, leaving a majority of Vale, and its citizen, relatively unscathed. As night fell after Koryuu’s explosion, the stars returned, as well as the connection to the deities.

Thus would end the worst tragedy to ever befall this corner of the world. To this day, the cities of Vale and Heimdohl are still rebuilding. Heimdohl, the center of trade and crafts, is still trying to find safe routes through the shifting islands to Vale. Mjolnir, the military might of the three cities, is a total loss. Only the mourners of the dead ever return there. As for Vale, the reconstruction of the five great cathedrals and the major houses of the city is still progressing. The city has also seen an influx of travelers from beyond the explored areas of the surrounding landscape, bringing about new species, new deities, and new adventures.

Destruction of the Rogue God by (Phil’s adventurer)

The Tragedy of 41 Years Ago

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