Vale is the religious heart of Hitara. Within the city lie seven cathedrals to seven gods. Those gods, who are all celebrated equally, are:

  • Gozreh, the God of Nature
  • Iomedae, Goddess of Righteous Valor, Justice, and Honor
  • Pharasma, the “Lady of Graves”, Goddess of Death and Birth
  • Erastil, God of the Hunt and Farming
  • Torag, God of Honor and the Forge
  • Apsu, The Elder Dragon
  • Nethys, The All-Seeing Eye

These 7 form the main pantheon of gods in Hitara, with most people from Heimdohl and, in the past, Mjolnir making at least one trip a year to worship at one of the cathedrals in Vale.

Vale is split into different districts, based around the main roads leading into and out of the market square in the center of town. To the north of the market square lies the rebuilt area of the rich. This area used to hold the manor of the seven great houses of Vale. However, following the destruction of Koryuu, these manors no longer exist. In their stead, a number of smaller, fairly opulent houses have been built, along with a monument to those lost during Koryuu’s Destruction. The two cathedrals that were closest to the castle at the north end of town, Erastil and Apsu, are almost finished.

Going from north to south through the market square is the Port Road. This road, as it goes south, travels to both the port in the southeast area of the city, as well as to the nexus of five cathedrals in the southwest area of the city. To the south and east of the market square lies the trade quarters, where many of the merchants and craftsmen of the city reside. These homes, laid out in a grid pattern, serve as the “middle-class” section of the city. The homes are nice, but not overly opulent. Here one can find many of the private workshops of the craftsmen.

To the south and west of the market square can be found the “low-class” section of the city. There is much less organization to this part of the city, as the buildings are crammed in to maximize space. Buildings in this area tend to be dirty and poorly built, and more people than recommended reside in each building or the shacks that have popped up in empty spaces. This area is prone to outbreaks of organized crime that last for a few years before hired guards from Mjolnir are brought in. Following the destruction of Mjolnir and half of Vale, organized crime has taken over again, this time with no experienced guards to stop them.


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