Welcome to A World Reborn

This campaign is a reawakening and expansion upon a world that I ran with a few good friends a few years ago. We never got to fight the final battle and I lost many of the notes that I had, but the core of the world is still available. Over time, I’ll be expanding on new topics and creating a more vibrant world. For now, I present an article recapping what happened in the past: The Tragedy of 41 Years Ago

Update: Here is an article, cluttered as it may be, giving a rough outline of the original region, Hitara, as well as the first city, Vale, the center of religion in the region.

Update 2: I present more articles, this time about The Servants of Koryuu and the city of Mjolnir

Update 3: I have a rough map of the Hitara region up for viewing. The area I forgot to label to the east of Vale is the Twilight Forest. I’ll work on cleaning it up and making it easier to view. Expect more content from me this week, as I attempt to expand out of this region.

Update 4: The article on Heimdohl, the City of Merchants, is complete, thus finishing up the main sections on Hitara. My next goal is to answer some of the many questions that I have been presented with and to expand on the world outside of Hitara, much of which is still unknown to the citizens of Hitara.

Update 5: It’s been a while, but I’ve got three more articles: Koryuu’s Crater, The Island of New Beginnings, and The Legend of Koryuu. Also, the first Q&A is up, featuring a plethora of questions from Brian. However, I can’t seem to get the hyperlink to work. It can be found using the See All Pages tab on the right under the Wiki page.

Update 6: Here are the rules on creating characters, Character Creation. Let me know about any questions you may have.

A World Reborn

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